Bob's Machine Convertible Jack Plate!
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Take the trouble out of trailering your boat. This tilt trim unit will lift up to a 130 HP motor.
"Designed to give maximum performance, speed and economy."

Bob's Machine Mini Jack Plate2 1/2 inch offset no wedge A feature which is used on the lightest of boats. Allowing the engine to be raised to its maximum height without putting the weight of the engine too far behind the transom which could create too much bow lift.

2 1/2 inch Offset with Negative 6-Degree WedgeThis design can be used when the transom of a boat is too steep of an angle to allow the outboard motor to perform properly. For example: an 18-degree transom when this design is applied.

5-inch Offset No WedgeThis option desirability will vary from one boat to another depending upon weight and length of boat. Some outboard motors have a limited trim angle and the 6-degree wedge may not allow for enough bow lift. By setting the plate at the no wedge design, it will give maximum bow lift. These are designed for boaters to achieve the best performance of their boat.